Do you need a tag?

If you are a beginner in the game, and still do not know how to create a tag, do not worry, today here I tell you two ways to do it:

1: Online

You can enter and the tool that appears to create your tag.

How does it work?

Simple...., only first you have to select a color and then write the letters you want to carry that color, and repeat the process again. First select color and then write and ready. In the end we only copied.

2: Through a software

Go to the page and then look for the section "Game Tools" and then download the options that say "Funky's name Maker" and "name marker", install both and then run the.

When they do, they will realize that Funky's name Maker is a program with pure symbols, those symbols, we only copy the small code on one side and paste it in name marker. Name Marker is the name Editor there you will be able to create your tag with the amount of colors that it possesses.

How does it work?

Name Marker only writes all your tag, and one by one, or from the range of your choice you can go coloring them, it's not like the online editor that you first have to select a color.