Create binds with symbols

Enter the link where you will find the online editor:

-Start designing your binds, adding the symbols:

-Open a notepad document:

-In the notebook write the following:

-Go back to the page and copy the bind that you just created:

-Go back to the notepad, and paste the bind between the quotes (""):

-If you want to add a sound as follows, putting "!" outside the quotes (""), and then the number that corresponds to the soundpack.

-Save the document, with a specific name, to identify the bind:

-Enter the file you just created to your sof2 / base / mp folder

-Create more binds by repeating the same process, the same text document for each binds with a specific name.

-Once having all the binds in different text files, create another notebook:

-Inside the new text document (notepad), write "bind" without the quotes, give a space, and press or write the name of the key with which you will put the bind in the game, give another space, and type "exec" without the quotes followed by the name of the text file with the ending ".txt", as shown in the image:

-Repeat the process for each of the files that contains a link, as shown in the image:

-Save the file with the name "binds" or another name of your choice:

-Finally enter the game, run the console, and type the command "/ exec binds.txt" (without the quotes) and enter, and finally enjoy your new binds with symbols.